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"It's hard to enjoy yourself if you focus on your losses" - WoolieVersus discusses getting better at fighting games like Street Fighter 6, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and more

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Woolie “WoolieVersus” is a long-time content creator on both YouTube and Twitch, and is well-known for his quality fighting game videos.

One of my favorite content creators, he produces insightful and often hilarious videos alongside Pat on the Castle Super Beast podcast.

He is also often seen with fighting game pro Reggie in various videos on the WoolieVersus channels.I recently spoke with WoolieVersus about various relevant topics.

We discussed the future as it pertains to Street Fighter 6, his bout against Daigo Umehara, advice for fighting game players who want to get better in the upcoming game, and Marvel vs.

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