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"There's always like, more s**t going on" - Destiny comments on Amouranth's husband-abuse controversy, compares it to the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial

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On November 27, YouTube streamer Steven "Destiny" talked about Twitch content creator Kaitlyn "Amouranth's" husband-abuse controversy.

The former reacted to the latter's recent tweet that highlighted the diverse content she has been broadcasting on her channel.Destiny decided not to say much about the content she streamed.

However, he provided his take on Amouranth's abusive husband controversy, implying that "getting a one-sided story" was not ideal.He recalled the sensational Johnny Depp vs.

Amber Heard defamation trial, which was held earlier this year, and stated:The YouTube clip has since been deleted. One Redditor provided a mirror link, and interested readers can view the 54-second clip here:On November 26, the former Twitch streamer sarcastically apologized to Amouranth after suggesting that her content had not changed since the debacle.Amouranth took to her alternate Twitter account Kaitlyn (@wildkait), and called out Destiny.

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