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Street Fighter 6 gets officially rated, hinting at possible release date soon

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Although it's slated to officially release in 2023, Street Fighter 6 has gamers around the world eagerly expecting the launch of the title.

After all, Street Fighter 6’s beta test hyped up virtually everyone who played it. While fans can’t expect the game to come out until 2023, South Korea recently rated Capcom's upcoming fighting game officially.While this doesn’t mean that the game will be released soon, it does perhaps hint that a release date will be announced soon.

There’s no better time than The Game Awards, where fighting game fans will be eagerly watching and hoping for new trailers or announcements for their favorite titles and genres.South Korea gave the game a Yellow Label, which means it's rated for persons aged 15 and above.

This means that it will likely have a “Teen” rating in North America when a more official announcement comes to light.What caused the 15 and up rating for Street Fighter 6?

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