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"This is so stupid!" - Forsen enraged after getting outplayed in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, claims guns are 'useless'

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Twitch streamer Sebastian "Forsen" played the recently released Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 on November 26. During one of the rounds, the content creator fared poorly against other players and was sent to the Gulag at the start of the game.After being outplayed by an enemy using only the melee action, Forsen became enraged and vented his frustration at the battle royale's gameplay mechanics.

Before going on a rant, the Swedish personality loudly exclaimed:The former Hearthstone pro landed at Al Malik Airport at the three-hour mark of his November 26 broadcast.

He was then killed by a player after numerous fans stream-sniped him, with his initial reaction being:The 2v2 round in the Gulag featured the 31-year-old swiftly eliminating one enemy.

However, before the Jailer NPC arrived, Forsen was killed by the second enemy player who killed him with a melee attack. This enraged the streamer as he lashed out live on stream.Timestamp: 03:00:25After calming down, the Twitch star shared his thoughts on the gameplay mechanics and claimed that guns were "useless:"After reading some of his Twitch viewers' comments, Forsen admitted that the combat knife should be a one-hit kill since it took up a weapon slot.

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