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"It don't do sh*t": Forsen rants about his chat's repeated questions about updating drivers

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Swedish variety streamer Sebastian "Forsen" went viral on Reddit after a clip of him ranting against his audience surfaced online.

The streamer took offense at his chat for repeatedly asking him to update the drivers and software on his PC.It is evident that Sebastian was annoyed by people nagging him to update his system and retaliated quite aggressively.

Bluntly accusing the updates as the reason he was faced with a Blue Screen of Death recently, he stated:While watching a YouTube video on stream, the Swede was called out by a text-to-speech message from an audience member who called him a "noob" for not updating drivers.

It further insulted the streamer by calling him trash:Forsen hit back, referring to a crash from the day before. He told his audience that he had updated the drivers yesterday:He added another point of view to his argument, saying one shouldn't try to fix something that isn't broken:Timestamp 0:18:42After reiterating his story of the crash, Forsen maintained that the updates were there for some nefarious reason to make consumers buy newer products by breaking their existing PCs.

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