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Guide to jungle pets in League of Legends pre-season 2023

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League of Legends' brand new item called Jungle Pets was added to the game alongside pre-season 2023. These pets are the biggest changes that have been introduced to the game and have completely altered the way through which the jungle role is played.A brief guide has been provided in this article regarding Jungle Pets, their abilities, and the exact role they play in League of Legends.

There are currently three different kinds of pets to choose from in the game.Each pet has its own function and understanding each of their individual abilities will hand players several advantages within the summoner's rift.Before proceeding with the discussion regarding specific Jungle Pets, it is important to cover the general concepts regarding these companions.

These pets are not just for show, but offer unique combat options, while also helping the player in every possible way.The various general advantages that Jungle Pets offer in League of Legends are as follows:Thus, it is clear that they are quite valuable when it comes to clearing jungle camps while keeping the owner healthy.

These companions come in handy with regards to enhancing the clear speed of champions, especially after the various health buffs that were provided to jungle camps along with pre-season 2023.Jungle Pets in League of Legends are similar to Pokemon.

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