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When does the Season 1 battle pass end in Modern Warfare 2?

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The Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Battle Pass contains a plethora of exciting content that players will enjoy obtaining. All gamers can earn both premium and free rewards, and Activision has introduced a new theme while unlocking all of the tips.It's critical to understand how much a season pass can cost and what kind of rewards come with it.

To unlock the premium version of the first season pass, players will need to spend 1100 COD Points. They can then play the game's various game modes, as well as Warzone 2, to gradually earn the rewards.The expiry date is an important piece of information that players should keep in mind.

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Battle Pass, as well as the rewards, will be removed from the game at this time. It's the last day for players to grind for the rewards and redeem them in-game with tokens.With the release of Warzone 2, the Season 1 Battle Pass became active, and Activision has followed the same pattern in terms of an integrated approach.

The content in the battle pass is the same for both, but those who have access to Modern Warfare 2 will have more game modes to earn battle pass tokens.The Season 1 Battle Pass timer also gives an indication of when it will expire.

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