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Modern Warfare 2 gun is selling online on eBay as players find it too hard to unlock

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Most of the weapons available in Modern Warfare 2's DMZ mode can also be obtained outside the desert town. However, the M13B Assault Rifle is not only rare to find, but it's also exclusively available in DMZ.Naturally, this has resulted in a massive surge in demand, and some are selling the weapon on eBay.

The news comes via Eurogamer, who first spotted the item listed on the e-commerce platform.Players can obtain the M13B Assault Rifle by killing a chemist in the DMZ mode of the game, but the character is hard to find.

Due to the difficulty of the challenge, getting the weapon in a full squad is difficult. Moreover, successful extractions are more challenging when players don't play in squads.This is where some players come in as sellers and offer an easier way out.

Sellers start a match with a potential buyer and give them the weapon. All the buyer then needs to do is successfully extract themselves and retain the guns.The M13B Assault Rifle is scheduled to appear later in Modern Warfare 2, and rumors suggest it will be part of a bundle.

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