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Warzone 2 players are not happy with the extremely low TTK and the Tick Rate in the game

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 suffered a difficult launch with server issues, multiple bugs, glitches, and more. However, the game is in a stable condition right now.While fans are enjoying it for all its content, one thing that has not changed since the launch is the extremely low Time to Kill.

The community is expressing their frustration as the game is not letting them fight back.On a Reddit thread, a user named, GreasyMustardTiger_ has posted a video where they died instantaneously and the comment thread showcases a lot of people's disappointment towards the TTK in-game.

Some have also blamed the possible low tick rate in Warzone 2.To learn more about what fans said about their gameplay experience in Warzone 2, read below.Time to kill is one of the most important aspects in a gunfight.

The lower the TTK is, the faster the enemy dies. However, with low TTK, it does not give you the opportunity to fight back and can make you drop dead instantly.

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