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"It's actually a joke it launched" Warzone 2 players voice their opinion on the current state of the game

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A recent uproar in the community was caused by a post that openly questioned the state of Call of Duty Warzone 2 after it made several changes to its movement and combat mechanics.

These changes were initially implemented by developers to add a new level of realism and immersion to Activision's latest Battle Royale title.The player base had mixed feelings about how Warzone 2 was released and the immediate setback it caused to one of the game's most popular playstyles from its predecessor.

The most recent update rewarded players for approaching gunfights and skirmishes with strategies and tactics rather than open firing and chasing down enemy operators.This sudden overhaul has left many seasoned Warzone players wondering if the skill gap that was maintained has substantially been reduced after the movement nerfs, diminishing the competitive element.Fans can continue to read the discussion below to find out how fans debate and react to the prevalent complaints surrounding the proficiency of Warzone 2 as a Battle Royale.A Redditor and Warzone 2 player with the social tag of TheEscortGamer posted their views on Reddit in the CODWarzone subreddit pertaining to the current path that Activision has decided to follow to promote the promised new era for the entire Call of Duty franchise.The post stated that "it's a joke it launched," citing the critical view of Warzone 2's current state as an unrefined end product.

Various groups of players agree and share this viewpoint, adding to the discussion about how the developers may have slacked off and released an unfinished version of Activision's latest Battle Royale.The post highlights the various changes and how they have affected a percentage of players' ability to enjoy the new

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