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God of War Ragnarok: How to find and solve the Strond Nornir Chests in Alfheim

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As soon as players arrive in the Alfheim realm of God of War Ragnarok, they will find themselves in the Strond region, a fairly linear section of the map that leads towards the Tower of Light.

Before rushing over to the Tower of Light, players can spend some time exploring hidden artifacts and chests that can be found in the Strond region.This feature will guide players through the areas where they can come across both the Nornir Chests in the Strond region of God of War Ragnarok and how to solve their respective puzzles:Shortly after arriving in Alfheim, Kratos and Tyr will eventually reach a point where there are two large stone steps leading upwards.

Avoid taking the stone steps and drop down the ledge located to the left to find the first Nornir Chest.The first Nornir chest puzzle is a 'light the torch' challenge, where Kratos has to ignite all three torches, hidden somewhere in the vicinity of the Nornir Chest with the Blades of Chaos.The first torch is located opposite the Nornir Chest, right on the edge of the cliff.

To light a torch, players need to hold their L2 button and lock aim on the target (in this case, the torch which needs to be ignited) before tapping the R2 button.

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