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Overwatch 2 Mobster Junkrat Bundle: How to get, features, price, and more

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In Overwatch 2, players may take control of Junkrat, the lunatic from under the earth, who uses explosives and traps to deal enormous damage to enemies.

He is a reliable and consistent source of damage-giving and a character that consistently has the ability to lead the field of damage from match to match.His main weapon is a grenade launcher that emits explosives that bounce.

It deals a ton of damage to enemies in close proximity. He possesses two mines that he can remotely detonate as well, which he may employ to cause damage and can even be used to launch him.This comes in handy to fall back from the enemy side or get into tight spots.

His trap can be used to cover flanking areas and stop enemies from advancing forward. His Ultimate ability, RIP-Tire is a motorized tire that he remotely controls and sends toward the enemies, which causes a lot of damage.Blizzard has released a whole new epic bundle for Junkrat in Overwatch 2.

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