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Overwatch 2 Thanksgiving weekend: How to get free intros, double XP, and more

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Thanksgiving has brought in a period of celebration for Overwatch 2 players, and Blizzard has decided to host it in the grandest way possible.

There are plenty of things to earn and gifts for the players, and the upcoming weekend is arguably the best time to play.Overwatch 2 has successfully launched despite staunch criticism from many community areas.

The complaints are mainly due to some of the mechanisms Blizzard has adopted in their latest title. In the overall scene, the community has been happy to get their hands on a successor to Overwatch, which has become a massive hit.The Thanksgiving weekend festivities begin on November 25 and will continue throughout the next few days.

Blizzard offers double XP on all matches, allowing players to level up the battle pass quickly. Additionally, there are free intros that players can pick up, and the Watchpoint pack is also on sale.Junker Queen is a famous hero in the game, and players will now be able to gather a special highlight intro for her.

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