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How to get Captain's Coins quickly in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder? (2022)

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Finally, the most-awaited epilogue of Destiny 2 Season of Plunder is upon everyone, as players will be able to farm for Captain's Coins to storm through a brand new community event.

Everyone must collect a significant number of coins and deposit them to reach seven different milestones.Like many farms and grinds in Destiny 2, the earnings of Captain's Coins can be made easy by following a specific pattern.

As mentioned in TWAB and in-game, players can obtain this particular currency from Destination chests, Lost Sectors, Public Events, King's Fall, Ketchcrash, Expedition, and Dares of Eternity.The following article will list all the numbers that drop from specific activities and which method will be the fastest to reach the goal as a community.To start the quest related to the community event, you will need to head to the Tower and interact with the donation chest.

A small dialogue involving Mithrax and Spider will trigger, asking the Guardians to distribute the treasures among the Eliksni.

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