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No Man's Sky Holiday 2022 Expeditions: Exobiology, Leviathan, and more

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Hello Games recently announced the Holiday 2022 Expeditions schedule in No Man's Sky, and players are surely going to be excited by the looks of it.

The developers have revealed that all four Expeditions that ran this year will make a return over the festive season, providing players with another opportunity to experience it.The unique time-limited event mode was introduced by the developers back in 2021 to further the notion of letting the community "embark on a shared journey" from a fixed point in the universe.

It should be kept in mind that Expedition creates a new save game that players can later turn into Normal or Survival at the end of the Expedition.The official No Man's Sky blog post from the developers announced that they were bringing back 2022's Expeditions in "a reduxed format" during the festive holiday season, similar to what they did last year.

The schedule for the same is as follows:Expeditions in No Man's Sky not only provide a variety of experiences for players who engage in them but also a wide assortment of rewards.

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