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Is the Season 1 Review Pack worth it in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

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With the Black Friday festivities beginning in FIFA 23, EA Sports have started to capitalize on the hype of the annual event by releasing the Season 1 Review Pack.

The pack has now been added to the FUT store, making fans curious to know if it's worth investing the coins or FIFA points in.The Season 1 Review Pack is part of Pre-Black Friday, a mini promo introduced in FIFA 23 leading up to the full release on Friday, consisting of special Flash SBCs, promo packs, and the reveal of a 'Best of' TOTW squad.

The pack will be available in the game for the next five days, allowing FUT enthusiasts to avail it at any time in this period.Unfortunately, the pack is not cheap, costing 100,000 FUT coins or 1,500 FIFA Points in the FUT Store.

With such a hefty price tag, it's important for gamers to weigh the potential pros and cons of the pack before spending their hard-earned currency on it.Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.The pack will contain 16 items, all of which are untradeable.

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