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God of War Ragnarok: How to get Vidar’s Might Armor Set for Kratos

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God of War Ragnarok is filled with powerful Armor Sets for Kratos to wear. While playing the storyline, gamers will constantly upgrade Kratos and Atreus’ Armor Sets and weapons to survive some of the toughest encounters.Players will find a steady stream of Armor as they progress through the storyline, and one such formidable set is the Vidar’s Might Armor Set.

This particular Armor Set may not be very flashy, but it offers some distinctive advantages for Kratos early on in the game.Read further to learn how to collect each Vidar’s Might Armor Set component and where to head in order to craft it.Players can obtain the Vidar’s Might Armor Set early in the storyline.

Like all other Armor Sets, Vidar’s Might also comes with three distinctly upgradable parts. These are Vidar’s Pauldron of Might, Vidar’s Bracers of Might, and Vidar’s Belt of Might.Obtaining the Vidar’s Pauldron of Might is easy, as players need to complete the "Surviving Fimbulwinter" quest to get it as a reward.

It’s an unmissable part of the storyline. The remaining two parts, i.e., the Bracers of Might and the Belt of Might, can be crafted in exchange for Hacksilvers once the Armor crafting option is made available in God of War Ragnarok.Once the players have Vidar’s Pauldron of Might with them, they need to continue progressing along the storyline and finish the Path Quest, “The Quest for Tyr.”After completing “Quest for Tyr,” players need to head towards Sindri’s House or Brok’s Workshop to craft the other two components, i.e., Vidar’s Bracers and Belt of Might, by spending 500 Hacksilvers each.This is how players can get the complete Vidar’s Might Armor Set in God of War Ragnarok.Vidar’s Might Armor is a handy one to have at Kratos’ disposal.

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