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Which is the best companion for junglers who want play as tanks in League of Legends pre-season 2023?

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League of Legends pre-season 2023 saw the introduction of jungle pets, also known as companions, to the game. They offer both combat as well as defensive options to players within the game.As of now, there are a total of three companions for players to choose from.

Hence, in this article, a brief explanation has been made on which companion might be the best one to choose from in case junglers want to play as tanks or front-liners for their team.It is important to remember that simply picking a companion does not guarantee players the stats of a roamer, tank, or fighter in League of Legends.

The companion needs to be cultured and taken care of through the farm in order to obtain all the necessary benefits from it.Amongst the three companions that are available to players within League of Legends, Mosstomper is the one that will help them play as a tank.

This is because it provides players with a shield and 20% tenacity once they cultivate this companion.The shield that they get from Mosstomper remains indefinitely until the player receives damage from enemies.

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