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God of War Ragnarok: How to find and solve Alberich Island Nornir Chest (Svartalfheim)

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God of War Ragnarok’s Nornir Chests are ideal for enhancing Kratos’ survivability. They offer Idunn Apples and Horns of Blood Mead, which are familiar items to fans of the franchise.

They increase the amount of health and rage Kratos has, but each time you increase the amount, the number of items required to increase a meter again will increase.Nornir Chests will help in God of War Ragnarok, as each of these will reward one item or the other.

It’s hard to say which reward you will get, as it will alternate each time you unlock one of these useful Nornir Chests. However, they always require a minor puzzle before you get the reward.This time, however, the puzzle gets more complicated.

Instead of lighting fires or throwing your axe at runes, throw your Leviathan Axe at a trio of gongs. While that doesn’t sound complicated, you’re also on a time limit.To make it more challenging, the game doesn’t show you a timer.

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