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Sea of Thieves Season 8: How to get Ghostly Curse and Skeleton Curse

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Season 8 is now live in Sea of Thieves for players across the world to jump in and explore the game's treacherous oceans. Alongside a plethora of new free levels to unlock and a fresh Plunder Pass, developer Rare has introduced the mechanics of on-demand PvP and faction battles.

The latter also brings its own themed-exclusive content and some much-talked-about cosmetic curses.With every new season, the developers have done a commendable job of adding new and intriguing content to the action-adventure pirate game.

Season 7 saw players acquiring and becoming the captain of their own ships by spending in-game gold and customizing it based on their preferences.Season 8 focuses on PvP combat and brings some exciting unlockable content for players to grab, provided they can survive the battles ahead and earn their reputation.With Season 8 having set sail in Sea of Thieves, players can now engage in on-demand PvP where they vote to either represent the Guardians of Fortune, the loyal fellows of the Pirate Lord, or the Servants of the Flame, the devious followers of Captain Flameheart.

The choice can be made at the Hourglass of Fate at the captain's table.Once the votes are in and a faction has been chosen, the crew will have to fight another crew in a designated battle area, resulting in Allegiances being earned if they win.

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