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Newest addition to epilogue might be a possible teaser for upcoming Destiny 2 season

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Destiny 2 Season of Plunder's epilogue has concluded, as the community speedran the entire thing. New additions were made after the weekly reset, giving players all the rewards as promised.One particular addition caught the eye of multiple players.

After completing the first milestone called "Clean Up," a Rasputin-themed sweeper bot was placed within the Eliksni Quarters.

The bot can even be found right now.Leaks and data mines have hinted at next season's theme, with many claiming that the main attraction will be Warmind.The recent bot addition might be a teaser for the theme, and it makes the leaks more compelling as the days progress.Before heading to the Eliksni Quarters, players should deposit 2400 Treasure Coins to get all the rewards in the deposit chest.

Other seasonal and planetary materials like Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments, which will be going away next season, can be used right now.The sweeper bot was tied to the first milestone in the event, which required everyone to collectively deposit 40 million treasures.

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