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Pokemon Fan Extends Card Artwork Using AI Image Generation

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A fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Game has extended the artwork of some cards using an AI image generator. Images generated by algorithms from text prompts has become a recent internet trend lately due to the fact that fans who may not be too versed in art can use it to create concepts they couldn't without it.

Many gamers have decided to have fun with the generators, like how a fan used it to create a Red Dead Redemption 2 and Metal Gear Solid crossover.AI image generators are a relatively new invention in which users can give the algorithm a small prompt to generate an image from.

These can range from something entirely new, or use something that was there previously to give the AI something more visual to use as a reference.

In this case, Reddit user WholeGarden5504 gave the application ten different Pokemon Trading Card Game illustrations to «expand,» drawing in the rest of the background that was cut off by the card's moves and stats.Pokemon Fan Makes Pixel Gengar CookieThe versions that WholeGarden5504's image generator of choice, Dall-E 2, created are incredibly faithful to the cards that it was given to follow.

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