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Live Action Diablo IV Trailer Showcases the Horrors of Sanctuary - Hardcore Gamer

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In anticipation of the upcoming release of Diablo IV Blizzard Entertainment has released a horror trailer called Saviors Wanted.

This live action trailer is shot by Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao and co-directed by Kiku Ohe. Diablo is set in the world of Sanctuary, an ironically named realm that is besieged by horrific monsters while the Burning Hells and High Heavens continue to wage war against one another.

Saviors Wanted captures the dark world Diablo is known for and recreates it in full cinematic glory. This promotional film takes viewers on a journey of destruction at the hands of Lilith, the Blessed Mother who has returned to Sanctuary with full of intention of ruling over it. “Working with Blizzard, we had the wonderful opportunity to bring the dark, thrilling and imaginative world of Diablo IV to life,” said Chloe Zhao. “Diablo fans are very passionate, and many have been with the game for over two decades.

We want to do right by the fans, honor the game’s rich lores and visceral world building while evoking the strong emotions the players feel while immersing in the game.” Saviors Wanted was launched in over 20 different countries including NA, EMEA and APAC.

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