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Diablo 4’s live-action trailer directed by Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao still has loads of demons

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Diablo 4 is almost here and that means the ad-campaign is really ramping up. The latest example is a big-budget live-action trailer released on Thursday, directed by Oscar-winner director Chloé Zhao and co-directed by Kiku Ohe.

The trailer kicks off with a tour of tragedy as a man stands in a snowy field mourning his dead horse before turning to the camera and pleading for help.

The same thing happens with a child in a burned out village, and a few other poor unfortunate souls. Meanwhile, all of this tragedy is intercut with scenes of heroes (one from each of Diablo 4’s in-game classes) take on hordes of demons.

Finally the trailer ends with the appearance of Lilith, the main antagonist of the game. Zhao won her Best Director Academy Award for Nomadland, which also won Best Picture.

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