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How to complete the side mission Premeditated Malpractice in Dead Space remake?

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The Dead Space remake brings the classic title to a new generation. But this game is more than a rehash, thanks to many additions and improvements to the core design and formula.

The developers have fleshed out the lore by delving into how the USG Ishimura was thrust into a downward spiral with new side quests.

One such mission is called Premeditated Malpratice.This side mission, one of several built from the ground up for this new rendition, attempts to unmask the mystery surrounding the ship's past.

It focuses on the backstory of the regenerating Hunter Necromrph, who was once a human and a crew member. This guide will walk players through the mission.Players must have frozen the Hunter near the end of Chapter 5 in the Dead Space remake.

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