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5 Dead Space remake upgrades you need to get first

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The Dead Space remake, just like the original, is a survival horror game set in space where Isaac Clarke is sent to a ship infested with mutated human corpses.He is stranded on a huge mining spaceship called the Ishimura, where he must survive the various atrocities aboard the ship.

He must also communicate and work with other crew members, and not all of them can be trusted.To face off against these enemies, Isaac must be well-equipped and prepared, and the Dead Space remake provides many of those.

Players can upgrade their spacesuit or weapons using Power nodes, shop purchases, and the workshop. As there are many options for these upgrades, this article aims to cover the 5 best.Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.This upgrade can be grabbed as early as chapter 3 but is also available later.

The primary fire of the ripper floats a buzz saw in front of Isaac. This not only damages enemies but also keeps them away.The secondary shoots out buzz saws that can ricochet against the wall to hit multiple enemies.

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