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How to get Level 5 suit rig in Dead Space remake

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With the brand new Dead Space remake, players will relive the iconic classic survival horror experience through a new lens. Stepping back into the hardened boots of Isaac Clarke, hordes of monstrous Necromorphs await the players aboard the spaceship.

To take them down, players will acquire many varied weapons as the narrative progresses. But what about defense?This is where Isaac's engineering suit comes in.

The iconic armor has become a hallmark of the Dead Space series. It can now be upgraded to boost protection against enemies.

With various tiers of the suit upgrades available in-game, players will slowly work towards the highest tier one: Level 5. Thus, we look at how to get the Level upgrade for Isaac's suit in the Dead Space remake.As with many other suit upgrades in the game, players will first need to find the schematics.

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