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The Dead Space Remake’s endings explained

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The recently released Dead Space Remake originally came out in 2008. It quickly established itself as a standout horror game due to its unique storyline on the spaceship and its combat system, which mostly emphasizes disarming enemies through precision aiming rather than solely relying on headshots.

The Dead Space Remake also preserves most atmospheric horror elements, including the storyline.In the original title ending, the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, is the sole survivor, but he cannot save anyone else, including his girlfriend, Nicole.

Despite Isaac's survival, the necromorph threat remained in subsequent games, making this story a tragedy. The same version is also maintained in the Dead Space Remake.Note: This article contains story spoilers. The original conclusion of Dead Space is already quite unsettling, as Isaac is visited by a hallucination of Nicole (his girlfriend) as he tries to escape Ishimura, leading to a sudden end to the game.

The only indication that Isaac survived is the presence of two more games in the frightening but well-received Dead Space series.However, the Dead Space Remake, which brought the game to contemporary gaming platforms this month, also introduced a secret ending.Those familiar with the original game will find a new conclusion that significantly changes the direction of the original.

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