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Where to find all Crew Rigs in Dead Space remake and how to craft Master Override

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The Dead Space remake is a brand new revival of the dormant survival horror franchise from EA. This recreation of the beloved 2008 original is a trip back to the dreaded USG Ishimura, as protagonist Isaac Clarke must battle the horrors that lurk aboard.

With slow-paced exploration being a fundamental element of the game, players will find many opportunities to do so. Particularly since the vast spaceship has been overhauled with the ability to backtrack in this remake.A side mission in the game called "You are not Authorized" will see Isaac hunt down a variety of Rigs around Ishimura.

They are required to craft the Master Override component, the only way to unlock special containers containing items and resources for late-game upgrades and unlock new passages.This guide covers how to find all Rigs and craft the Master Override.Before players can begin their hunt, they must activate the side quest.

It can be obtained in the Captain's Nest area after meeting Hammond. Here, players will notice a console with red UI. Interacting with it begins the "You are not Authorized" mission.

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