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Hogwarts Legacy: Who Are Ranrok and Victor Rookwood?

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The events of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy is set to revolve around the 1890s. There have been many events that happened in the 1800s Wizarding World, including yet another Goblin Rebellion to mar the history books.

Despite the 1800s being known for bettering relations between human magic wielders and their goblin neighbors, as with the case of Gringotts Bank returning to goblin hands, one goblin had other ideas.Hogwarts Legacy's main antagonists is the goblin Ranrok, who's formed an uneasy alliance with the local Dark Wizards led by the notorious Victor Rookwood, another antagonist.

With Hogwarts Legacy adding a whole new chapter to the canon of the Wizarding World, these two names have not been mentioned during the events of the Harry Potter books and movies.

With that, it's worth a look at just who these two are and what their agenda (or agendas) may be.Voldemort's Parents Could Theoretically Be in Hogwarts LegacyLike other goblins, Ranrok can wield magic without the need for a wand.

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