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Hogwarts Legacy pre-order benefits and information possibly revealed, according to Reddit

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Potterheads have been clamoring for a new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy for some time now. It was speculated that the wizarding world RPG might appear at the Summer Game Fest 2022, but that was for naught.Yet, fans can find something to rejoice about as the pre-order information for the title has possibly been unearthed.Hogwarts Legacy is the upcoming RPG title from WB Games Avalanche that will take players to the wizarding world of 1890.

The protagonist character will be a freshly-admitted fifth-year student at the iconic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.The developers have only confirmed that the title will be released in 2022, with the release date, editions, and pre-order options yet to be announced.While users may get to see the first two later this summer, a Redditor has shared the possible pre-order benefits of the title.Shared by u/opalelement on the Hogwarts Legacy subreddit, the extensive post lists numerous items that can be part of the pre-order bonus and how gamers can verify the same result.They also speculated how the items, whose names are listed below, may be offered:To replicate the result, gamers must go to the game's home page, view the webpage source by pressing Ctrl+U, and search for the abovementioned words.As of writing this article, the keywords are still present in the source.

The line in the source page looks as follows:While it is unclear how these items will be categorized with pre-order bonuses and different editions of the title, it is still exciting to get a glimpse at whatever is in store for fans in the near future.

The most exciting one for many is the fact that players will be able to utilize Thestrals as mounts.Gameplay trailers have already confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will

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