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SteelRising and Lies of P Prove the Worth Of Alternate Historical Video Game Settings

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The video game industry is so vast and varied, and that usually translates to its output as well. There is a wide variety of genres, franchises, gameplay mechanics, and in-game aesthetics, but sometimes there are elements that tend to crop up with remarkable frequency as well.

Even though games in the tactical shooter genre can have a lot of innovations and originality, there is an overwhelming amount of titles set during significant conflicts of the twentieth century, particularly World War I and World War II.

As culturally important as these events were, especially to the Western world, there are so many other time periods that games could explore instead.One intriguing feature that has begun to appear with more regularity is games with alternate historical settings.

Upcoming titles like the action RPG Steelrising from GreedFall developer Spiders and the spooky Soulslike Lies Of P from Neowiz are pushing the boundaries when it comes to their settings and time periods.

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