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Half-Life 2 remade as classic Resident Evil-style horror game, out now

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This is like pizza and ice cream, burgers and fries – two of my all-time favourites, Half-Life 2 and Resident Evil, fused together to make a new, classic-style, fixed-camera horror game, and it’s out now and available for free.

If you need something to fill the time before the Resident Evil 4 release date, I would say this is the one. Lost and Damned is a total conversion mod for Half-Life 2, using monsters and guns from the Valve and Steam FPS as the basis for a ‘90s-esque survival horror set inside – you guessed it – an old mansion.

Inventory management, tricky aiming, and tank controls – every aspect of Half-Life 2 has been reworked for that classic Resident Evil feel.

You can see Lost and Damned in action below: Instead of the Umbrella T-Virus monstrosities, we get the headcrab zombies. Rather than first-aid sprays, we have those little green HP vials that you find in the Combine’s wooden crates.

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