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Genshin Impact Player Discovers Interesting Klee Mechanic

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A Genshin Impact player has revealed an interesting mechanic with the Pyro user Klee that many players probably didn't know about.

The game allows players to have up to four different characters in their team composition. Combining their skills will trigger various elemental reactions which have various effects, from immobilizing enemies to boosting the party's overall damage potential.Every character's kit in Genshin Impact can be divided into three main parts: Elemental Skill, Elemental Burst, and Basic Attacks which include Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks.

Even though some of these characters are over two years old, players still seem to find new and undiscovered techniques with their abilities. Genshin Impact Mod Equips Lumine With Nilou's Outfit Klee's Elemental Skill is called Jumpy Dumpty, and it allows her to deploy an explosive device that bounces up to three times and deals AoE Pyro damage along its way.

After the third bounce, the bomb splits into smaller mines, each of which deals additional damage when they get in contact with an enemy.

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