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Final Fantasy 14: Crystalline Conflict Season 1 Ends with Patch 6.18

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Final Fantasy 14's Patch 6.1 introduced radical changes to its PvP system, including the new Crystalline Conflict mode.

Now, Final Fantasy 14's first season of Crystalline Conflict is coming to an end–meaning the first ever batch of rewards will be handed out soon.Crystalline Conflict is Final Fantasy 14’s new fast-paced 5v5 PvP mode which focuses on tight conflicts while pushing a crystal payload into enemy territory.

It also has a Ranked mode, where players can compete with others to earn rewards at the end of the Crystalline Conflict season.Final Fantasy 14 Will Let Players Buy Houses in Free Company Wards SoonPlayers will have until Final Fantasy 14 goes down for maintenance late Monday, July 4 to raise their rank in Final Fantasy 14's Crystalline Conflict mode.

In addition to the launch of Patch 6.18, Tuesday, July 5 will also be when the results for Crystalline Conflict Season 1 are announced, as well as beginning of Season 2.

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