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Features Of The Week: A New Doctor, Silent Hill, And 2022 Delays

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Happy Friday the 13th, true believers! Despite it being the unluckiest day, you must be feeling the opposite way right now as you're about to read some of the best features at TheGamer this week.

Lucky you. It's been a very busy week with games being delayed, leaked, and analysed - you know, the usual. It's also been a big week for TV as well, as we finally found out who will be playing the Fourteenth Doctor, and got a sneak peek at the Resident Evil Netflix show.

Related: How Mario Is Misrepresenting Italians Beyond that, we've also got a topical Eurovision feature taking a look at the game made by one of the contest's most iconic acts.

No, it's not about veggies. Earlier today, concept art for what is presumed to be a Silent Hill game from Bloober Team leaked online, showcasing hallways filled with abusive post-it notes, a character whose face is similarly peeling off, and a note that gives us a bit of a background on the world.

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