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Evil Dead: How to Level Up Survivors (The Fast Way)

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In Evil Dead: The Game, players will need to make sure that they're leveling up Survivors as quickly as possible to unlock new skills and perks.

Survivors are divided into one of four different classes, namely Hunters, Leaders, Support, and Warriors. While there are four different Hunter Survivors in Evil Dead: The Game that players can choose from, the remaining classes all have three.

For every Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game, however, players will need to level them up to unlock new skills and perks. Simply because of the way Evil Dead: The Game is designed, there are only a few options for leveling up survivors, let alone leveling them up fast.

First and foremost, while it isn't the quickest way to level up every Survivor in the game, players can repeat missions in Evil Dead: The Game to earn XP for whichever characters were used during the activity.

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