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"Doing perfectly fine moneywise" - Sykkuno urges fans to enjoy the stream instead of spending money on subscriptions

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In a recent livestream, popular YouTube streamer Thomas "Sykkuno," who is known for his wholesome personality and kind-hearted demeanor, stated that he would prefer if his viewers simply enjoyed his stream and showcased their support through engagement and interaction instead of monetary donations.He revealed that he already has a lucrative YouTube deal, which prompted him to urge his fans not to spend their money on channel subscriptions, but rather on themselves.

Alluding to his contract with YouTube, he stated:In a recently uploaded stream, Sykkuno, who is known for his wholesome personality, expressed gratitude for his fans' support, but then emphasized that he didn't want them to spend their money on him.Instead, Thomas encouraged his viewers to enjoy the stream and support it through engagement and interaction: (Timestamp: 00:15:21) Speaking more about the topic, he continued:He reiterated that he didn't need the donations as such and urged his fans to spend the money on themselves rather than on his channel.

He, however, mentioned that he was still appreciative of the fans who subbed.The r/LivestreamFail community provided their take on this clip, with many members expressing admiration for Sykkuno's selfless and caring nature.

Some users commented that it was refreshing to see a streamer actively discourage his fans from spending money on him and to focus on themselves instead.Here are some of the most relevant reactions:For those unaware, in May 2022, Sykkuno announced a surprising move to YouTube, ending months of speculation about his future as a streamer.

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