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Counterfeit Samsung 980 Pro SSDs Doing The Rounds In Asian PC Market

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Counterfeit Samsung 980 Pro SSDs have seemingly entered the Asian PC market with several users affected by these fake storage devices.The Samsung 980 Pro SSD is one of the fastest PCIe Gen 4 drives that one can get hands-on.

There are competitors now that offer better value and performance but there's no doubt that the 980 Pro was the first to offer some insanely fast speeds.

With that said, the 980 Pro is a popular SSD choice for gamers and new PC builders but it looks like some people are outfitting pre-builts and selling a range of counterfeit SSDs among which is the Samsung 980 Pro.One user at the Baidu Forums showed pictures and screenshots of what he thought was the 980 Pro SSD from Samsung.

Turns out, it was something entirely different. The Firmware and storage device name have been tampered with to make it show as a Samsung 980 Pro SSD but in reality, it offers far less read and write speeds than what the 980 Pro is capable of.

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