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Controversial personality Destiny reveals he signed streaming deals with Kick and Rumble

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On March 18, 2023, controversial YouTube streamer Steven "Destiny" revealed that he had signed a streaming deal with the Trainwreckstv-backed platform, Kick.

Additionally, he had also signed a contract with Rumble.While providing details on the matter, Destiny announced that he was on a three-month probationary period on Kick, during which he would be required to host eight exclusive broadcasts per month on the platform.

Whereas for Rumble, he signed a two-year contract.Steven made the announcement at the 20-minute mark of his broadcast on March 18, when he burst out laughing, saying that the next three months will be a "wild ride." The content creator revealed signing a streaming deal with Kick and elaborated:He further talked about how he would cut off certain streams and move on to Kick to continue: In addition to Kick, Destiny mentioned that he had signed a two-year contract with the Ontario-based platform, Rumble: Timestamp: 00:20:30 Destiny outlined his plans for the coming months:The Nebraska native continued further and added:Destiny's announcement of him signing a non-exclusive deal with Kick and Rumble went viral on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit.

Here's what the online community had to say about the content creator's revelation:Destiny is a well-known Just Chatting streamer and political commentator who has been broadcasting on YouTube ever since he was indefinitely banned from Twitch.

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