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Chris Pratt Just Did An Actual Mario Voice In An Interview

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Chris Pratt just made a successful appearance on BBC's The One Show, showcasing his voice impression of Mario, the iconic video game character which he’ll be portraying in The Super Mario Bros.

Movie, releasing on April 5, 2023. Despite mixed reactions from fans and followers regarding his casting and portrayal of Mario, Pratt showed off his vocal talents during his appearance on the talk show, earning praise from the vast majority of viewers.

During the interview, Pratt spoke about his approach to voicing Mario and how he prepared for the role. The actor previously explained that he played the various Mario games for hours on end, studying the character's movements and mannerisms in order to accurately capture his voice and personality.

RELATED: I Like Chris Pratt's Mario Voice. There, I Said It When giving an example of his Mario voice, Pratt eagerly delivered a high pitched, enthusiastic "it's-a me, let’s go!" that delighted the talk show's host and audience.

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