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Boruto's Name Secretly Proves Which Hero's Death Hit Naruto the Hardest

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Given Naruto's happy ending, it's only natural for readers to be interested in his son Boruto.

Despite how well things turned out for Naruto and his friends though, it's undeniable that they all went through a great deal of hardship over the course of the original series.

However, according to the series' creator, Boruto's name is actually a subtle tribute to one of Naruto's fallen comrades. While the series doesn't necessarily have the highest count of dead heroes in the history of manga, Naruto still has more than a few sad deaths.

The series begins with the deaths of Naruto's parents, Minato and Kushina. After that, the series' first major death outside of its prologue was the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

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