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Best characters for Mistsplitter Reforged in Genshin Impact

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Mistsplitter Reforged is a magnificent 5-star Sword that is viable on several characters in Genshin Impact. It has an ATK stat of 674 and a CRIT DMG stat of 44.1%.

The weapon's effect gives the user a 12~24% Elemental DMG Bonus (based on Refinement Level), along with an additional Elemental DMG based on current stacks.Naturally, characters who want a high CRIT DMG% stat and benefit from having extra Elemental DMG will love this Sword.

Ayaka is an obvious choice since this weapon appears on the Epitome Invocation alongside her banner, but there are some other good options, too.Mistsplitter Reforged is tied for having the highest ATK stat out of any Sword in Genshin Impact alongside Aquila Favonia.

Generally speaking, most Sword users can effectively wield this Sword in Genshin Impact. Here is a list of the best candidates for this weapon:The following sections will cover the above characters in more detail.Ayaka, Keqing, Bennett, and Kaeya are arguably the best users of this Sword.

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