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Asmongold Comments on Crypto Crash

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Recently, various cryptocurrencies, including Luna and Bitcoin, have seen a sharp decline in value. Voices ranging from financial speculators to Twitch streamers have weighed in on the crash across social media and YouTube.

In a recent stream, popular Twitch streamer Asmongold voiced his thoughts and opinions on the current market spiral, and he doesn’t have many kind words to say about it.On May 9, the most popular cryptocurrency globally, Bitcoin, dropped below $30,000 in value, its lowest since July 21, 2021.

Many onlookers and speculators have anticipated a market crash of this caliber for some time, given the plummet in NFT value and resurgence of affordable GPUs as crypto miners begin losing interest in blockchain mining.

While many celebrities and streamers have advertised an abundance of new coins and NFTs, Asmongold stands as a longtime critic of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens.Twitch Has Banned Corinna KopfAmidst the recent crypto crash, Asmongold felt compelled to go live on Twitch despite plans to take the day off and decided to share his thoughts on the matter.

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