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AMD suggests a Ryzen-like chiplet design for RDNA 3 GPUs would be 'a reasonable inference'

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AMD's product technology architect, Sam Naffziger, has suggested that expecting the upcoming chiplet-based RDNA 3 graphics cards(opens in new tab) to be using a Ryzen-like design would be «a reasonable inference.» Given that he knows exactly what that RDNA 3 design is like, and isn't really allowed to give explicit details, this feels tantamount to a straight «Yes, they will.» But what does that actually mean?

Even before AMD admitted that its next-gen GPUs would be using a chiplet design, we had expected it to be bringing the first multi-chip module (MCM) graphics processor(opens in new tab) to the market.

There has been lots of talk about cross pollination of the Ryzen and Radeon design teams in the past, indeed that is where the massively spiked clock speeds of the RDNA 2 generation of GPUs came from.

Lots of the focus in past Ryzen CPU designs has been about pushing up the clock speeds of its previously laggardly processors, and the learnings gleaned from that enterprise were all brought to the latest Radeon graphics cards.

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