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All difficulty settings in Forspoken and how they work

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After multiple delays, Forspoken, the latest action role-playing game (RPG) from Square Enix and Luminous Productions, has finally been released.

Keeping in line with Square Enix's previous action RPGs, including some Final Fantasy titles, Forspoken features several difficulty levels tailored towards different skill levels.Revealed in 2020, during the PlayStation 5 showcase event under "Project Athia," it was among some of the most highly-awaited PlayStation 5 titles.Luminous Productions, who previously developed Final Fantasy XV, implemented a similar difficulty system in Forspoken, but with more options, bringing their title closer to most modern action-adventure games.Forspoken has several accessibility options that allow players to tweak and adjust the game according to their preferences.

Here is a breakdown of all difficulty levels in Forspoken and how they affect gameplay.Forspoken comes with four difficulty levels, which are immediately accessible to players.

Luminous Productions' previous fantasy role-playing game, Final Fantasy XV, also had a similar set of levels. However, the hardest preset could only be unlocked by completing the main story on easy or normal difficulty.The four difficulty levels, including the hardest presets, are available for players to choose from the get-go and can be changed anytime from the options menu.

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