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Fact Check: Can you turn off Cuff’s dialogs in Forspoken?

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While Forspoken has ticked many boxes since its release, the script and the dialog have not gone down well with players. There has been a fair amount of criticism towards how well the narrative plays out in the RPG, and critics aren't happy with a majority of the interactions that Frey has with Cuff.Given the frequent conversations between them, the game's lackluster writing often distracts players from its impressive combat, parkour system, and world design.Hence, many players from within the community have been wondering if they can disable Cuff from talking unless absolutely necessary.Unfortunately, while you cannot completely stop him from talking to Frey while you are exploring the land of Athia, you can minimize the amount of dialog they share.

This is a quality-of-life feature that many players have found a use for as the core narrative of the game progresses.As mentioned, the writing and dialog in Forspoken is not all that impressive and can be disappointing for those looking forward to some of its narrative and fantasy-based storytelling.Nevertheless, the game allows one to tone down the dialog between Frey and Cuff through the in-game Settings on the Main menu screen.There will be an option under Cuff Settings where players can tweak the settings based on their preferences.

There are various options, although the Minimal setting will ensure that Cuff rarely utters words unless absolutely necessary.However, those interested in hearing Cuff speak can adjust the dialog settings to Higher.

With this setting, he will comment on almost every action that you take in the game.While the bracelet is a source of Frey’s power, not everyone appreciates the amount of poorly written dialog that Cuff shares with her.

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