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How to complete Forspoken Chapter 1 – Attachments? Walkthrough length, collectibles, and more explained

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Forspoken is the latest magical entry from Square Enix and Luminous productions, set in a brand new world that follows protagonist Frey discovering her magical powers in the land of Athia.

She must save this world from the corrupted Tantas, brought on by the onset of the Bleak.This action-adventure role-playing game is narrative focused, being divided into several subchapters spread across a wide, open world.

The introductory chapter to Forspoken is mostly minimal, but it does provide a much-needed sense of direction for the game, introducing us to Frey as well as setting up the world around her.Note: Spoilers for Forspoken will follow.

Viewer discretion is advised.Forspoken begins the game with a tutorial chapter, introducing the player to Frey and the world around her.

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