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How to use and master the Conflagration spell in Forspoken

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Forspoken is the latest entry from publisher Square Enix. Set as an action adventure title, players assume the role of Frey Holland, a New Yorker magically transported to the world of Athia, where she must discover her powers and destiny as the world’s savior.The world of Forspoken gifts Faye with magical powers for combat and traversal.

Players can also level up and progress through quests in true RPG fashion, in a narrative-driven adventure.One of the several abilities gifted to Frey is Conflagration, which will be the topic of discussion in this article.Note: Minor gameplay spoilers for Forspoken will follow.Conflagration is one of several offensive abilities Faye can use.

Using it is a simple process, but requires players to equip the spell:Conflagration can be further upgraded for more dramatic effects and increased damage.Conflagration is a Red Magic spell, one of the four types of magic-based spells in the game.

This Fire spell releases a surge of magma from the ground at foes, dealing massive damage.While the damage dealt by it is decent at starting levels, Conflagration can be upgraded to a maximum of three levels.The maxed version of this spell can deal insane amounts of damage and is a solid pick overall.

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