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All cloak locations in Forspoken and how to get them

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In keeping with its open-world role-playing game roots, Forspoken features a plethora of content for players to delve into, from side quests to collectibles to even some really fun end-game dungeon hunts.

While the title does not go too deep into the RPG formula — like Square Enix's flagship JRPG (Japanese RPG) series, Final Fantasy — it still offers plenty of meaningful quest completion and exploration rewards that players can use to customize their gameplay experience.Forspoken offers plenty of unlockable skills alongside a fair few cosmetic options for the game's protagonist, Frey.

One custom accessory that helps the character in her journey through the treacherous yet marvelous world of Athia is her cloak, which can be customized.Players will find and unlock a variety of cloaks for Frey, each with their own unique set of stat bonuses, via general exploration and completing side quests.

Here's a comprehensive guide on where to find all these items in Forspoken.There are a total of 25 unlockable cloaks for Frey in Forspoken.

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